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    *New Hero Coming Home*
    Sgt. Zachary A. Darras will soon be back in the United States following a 15 month deployment in Iraq. Sgt. Darras was deployed in April of 2007 as part of the troop surge in Iraq. Read the rest..

    *CCCD And Rural Schools*
    Cherokee County Conservation District has been delivering trees to rural schools for over 20 years.

    Lloyd Goodwin, Vice-Chairman of the board, has been on the Cherokee County Conservation District board for the last 35 years and he delivered the first group of trees to Grand View Elementary school over 20 years ago. Read the rest..

    *OCO and Special Olympics*
    Many volunteers from the Oklahoma College of Optometry located in Tahlequah, OK gathered in Stillwater, OK for the 39th annual Special Olympics Summer Games. They, with the help of the Lions Club and sponsors Essilor and Safilo, provided full eye exams and eyewear at no charge.. Read the rest..

    High Speed Dial-up internet is now available. Join Tahlequah's largest internet provider and start saving money today! Click here to start or call 888-828-2678.

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